2016 UK DSA annual awards 
This is the time at our Conference where we recognise the amazing people and companies in the direct selling industry.  
Nominations are now closed for this year and the finalists for each award are shown below. We would strongly urge you to take this opportunity to nominate your top people next year to win one of these prestigious awards and give them the recognition they deserve. 

➔ Partnership Award 
To be awarded to a DSA Approved Supplier Member who has provided outstanding service to a DSA Member Company. 
The finalists are: 
The Black Tomato Agency 
Thomas Brown Recruitment 
➔ Company with Heart Award 
This award will be given to a Member Company who has Gone the Extra Mile through their philanthropic activities, charitable impact and community engagement. Nominators can enter their own company into this category, or nominate another DSA company. 
The finalists are: 
The Body Shop at Home™ 
➔ Excellence Award 
Our Top Company Award to be given as recognition for the best overall performance of a member company over the past year encompassing all aspects of business. Nominators can enter their own company into this award category or nominate another DSA member company. 
The finalists are: 
Forever Living Products 
Nu Skin 
➔ Support Award 
To be awarded to an individual within a DSA Company who has provided first class support to company colleagues and who is recognised as a hardworking, motivated and capable backroom member of the team. 
The finalists are: 
Emma Lowry & Anthony Lewis - Avon 
Maxine Gabriel - Amway 
Rebecca Holmes - Arbonne 
➔ Leadership Award 
To be awarded to a Senior Manager of a member company who has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and who is recognised as an industry role model. Entries will be accepted both from within the nominators own company or from another DSA member company. 
The finalists are: 
Dan Andersson - LEO 
Andrea Slater - Avon 
Paul Sant - Forever Living Products 
The judges of the nominations received for 2016 will consist of our respected members of the DSA Hall of Fame plus some external judges who understand and support our industry. 
-----------Richard Berry 
-----------Janet Hewitt 
-----------Chris Fenna 
-----------Eileen Skinner 
Jerry McDonald 
Paul Southworth, OBE 
Bob Parker 
Paul Southworth, OBE 
DSA Hall of Fame 
Richard Berry 
DSA Hall of Fame 
Jerry McDonald 
DSA Hall of Fame 
Janet Hewitt 
DSA Hall of Fame 
Chris Fenna 
DSA Hall of Fame 
Eileen Skinner 
DSA Hall of Fame 
Bob Parker 
DSA Hall of Fame 
Annabel Parkinson-Lee 
Richard Davies 
'Making Money' magazine 
Good luck to all our finalists, you are all winners!  
Please note these industry awards are recognising Corporate successes. Our Distributor awards will be held in November 2016 – full details will be issued later. 
Rules and Conditions 
All award nominators must be members of the UK DSA or be currently employed by a UK DSA Member, Prospective Member or Approved Supplier Member Company. 
All recipients of a UK DSA Industry Award must be employed or have a contract with a UK DSA Member, Prospective Member or Approved Supplier Member Company or must hold the status of Distributor, Consultant or Representative within a UK Direct Selling Company. 
All nominators and nominees must be 18 years old or over. 
All nominations must be received by the DSA office no later than April 1st 2016. Late entries will not be considered. 
The judges’ decision is final and no written correspondence will be entered into.